Now is the perfect time to learn the Ancient Art of Body Sugaring. Sugaring is an all natural, gentle and effective alternative to waxing. Not only will your clients absolutely love it, but your business will too! Sugaring is booming on the West Coast in cities such as LA, Portland, San Francisco + Seattle. Studios are also popping up in NYC, Chicago, Savannah + Charleston. Sugaring is poised to become the most coveted method of Natural Hair Removal.
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Curious about Sugaring? The Sugarista regularly hosts One + Two Day Body Sugaring Certification Classes in the US & UK and has proudly trained over 150 women in the Art of Sugaring. Join us in an upcoming class!


Organic Hair Removal

The Sugarista proudly works with Tamara's Sugar and loves teaching with Certified Organic + Fair Trade Sugar Paste. Upon completion of training all Sugaristas are Certified and have access to order Professional Product direct from Tamara's Sugar.